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Target Hanging Top Hooks for 2x4 Target Stand Assembly

by High Caliber Targets
SKU TS2x4-00-02-TopHook

These top hanging hooks are perfect for hanging all your targets. They slide onto a standard 2x4 and the top hook end will fit into a 1/2" hole on your target.

Easy assembly - no tools required!

Pair these hooks with our 2x4 Leg Brackets for a complete target stand assembly.

We also offer 2x4 Target Hanging Assembly Combo Packs that include both these hanging hooks and the leg brackets for ease of ordering.

All hangers come painted flat black to help protect against rust and corrosion, so you can leave your stand up without worry.

This High Caliber Targets Product Is

  • Made in the USA, in our own facility
  • Precision-cut with a CNC High Definition plasma table
  • Painted to prevent rust and corrosion

Guidelines For Steel Target Thickness Selection

Warning! Please use extreme caution when shooting targets. Please use common sense, and wear the proper eye and ear protection when shooting. Recommended shooting distances from targets varies. For velocities over 3000fps MV use at 200 yards minimum. Handguns should be used no closer than 10 yards and rifles 100 yards.

Disclaimer: Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the targets and mounting products purchased.